British Citizenships Of Reema and Zara Iqbal Have Been Revoked  

Reema and Zara Iqbal, 2 sisters from the UK have had their British citizenships after they left the UK to become brides of Jihadists.

The 2 sisters are currently in a refugee detention camp in Syria with their 5 kids.

3 of the kids were born in Britain, it is believed the 2 of the 5 kids were born in Syria.

The authorities of Britain allege that 30-year-old Reema and 28-year-old Zara have parents that are from Pakistan which makes them eligible for citizenship in the Asian country. Both sisters left the United Kingdom in 2013 to marry men who were linked to ISIS.

Recently, 30-year-old Reema told a news company about her plans and is hoping to return to the country where she was born in.

Reema said: “The security services came to speak to me and I was honest. I told them my whole story so now it’s up to them to judge. I don’t know if my Mum every got me a Pakistani passport or not, I’ve never been to Pakistan. There’s not enough food for bigger families. It’s a prison here, but we’re serving no sentence. If I face court, fine, but take me back to the UK, that’s where I’m from.”

The Home Office released a statement and said: “Any decisions to deprive individuals of their citizenship are based on all available evidence and not taken lightly.”

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