Cab Driver Beaten Up For Returning The Customer His Lost Mobile Phone

Cabs are now a necessity for everyone who might be working or an elder, now just as people are so much habituated to this, there are numerous occasions when the passengers lose their things in the car. Many times, they won’t get them back, but, there are times when the company gets involved making the driver drop the product at the passenger’s address. A similar incident has taken place in Manila, Philippines.

grab cab in philippines

This driver in the city was beaten up by a passenger after he returned the customer’s iPhone which was left behind in the car.  Named Armando Yabut,  he is then accused of stealing the mobile. Just after being beaten up, he posted pictures on Facebook, showing a swollen eye and a bruised forehead.

Yabut works as a driver with the popular Filipino cab company Grab. He revealed that the passenger named Jinno Jhon Simon booked him around midnight on February 9. When the passenger’s destination arrived, Yabut dropped him off and decided to return and while doing this, he noticed that the man had forgotten his mobile phone in the car.

driver beaten up after returning phone

After this, Yabut immediately got in touch with the management of Grab to attain the details of the passenger in order to return him his iPhone. Further Yabut added that when he called Simon he sounded calm over the phone and also offered him money for his phone, Yabut was quoted saying in The Filipino Times.

However, the driver declined his offer and went to return the mobile. Things turned out to be otherwise after Yabut met the passenger, he attacked him and accused him of theft. Yabut was beaten so badly that one of his eyes was swollen and turned red while he got a bruise on his forehead and ear. The driver added that after being beaten up, the passenger forced him to admit the crime which he didn’t commit in the first place.

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