Can You Spot The Snake Here? This Picture Is Going Viral On Internet, Only 1 Out Of 1000 Can Solve This

Memes, Riddles, and Puzzles play a vital role on Internet, after all, who cannot love them. Ever since a long time, there are numerous situations when riddles started squeezing the Internet lovers’ minds.

But here’s an image which breaks your limits, this is the real brain eater, it is believed that only one out of 1000 can solve this. Out of various ‘spot this’ kind of images, this is the real standout. No matter how observative you are, you cannot make this answer your cup of tea.

This image is also a real game changer for those who love to walk through woods. This picture taken by a snake expert is quite enough to prove that you should be super cautious if you’re walking in an area with venomous snakes.


Somewhere, lurking in his photo is a snake ready to strike. In the picture, the leaves and twigs have covered the poisonous snake, who is hiding and waiting for its prey:

The popular Snake biologist Helen Plylar, aka @SssnakeySci, followed up her post on Twitter with a little hint, just in case you had trouble finding the snake.

Clue: It is a copper headed snake.

If you haven’t found it yet, then here’s her answer.

“Cute but venomous, so no touchy!” Helen tweeted.

Coming to the biology of this snakes, Copperhead snakes also called as Agkistrodon contortrix are found in North America, but their venom is mild and rarely fatal for human beings. This type of snake also has heat sensory pits between their eyes and nose to detect minor changes in temperature.

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