[WATCH] CCTV Footage Shows How A Family Narrowly Escapes A Horrible Crash By A Speeding Car

We all feel so blessed and lucky whenever we survive a deadly accident. You think that you are gracious for your life and you thank the almighty for the escape, isn’t it? You might have seen many deadly accidents but this one is terrifying which was caught live on the CCTV camera.

Over speeding is one of the biggest problems on road. It often ends badly killing or injuring the innocent people passing on the roads. In one such case, a family of four narrowly escaped a nasty collision with a speeding car while crossing the road.

Car crash

The car of the family was hit by another and they got down from the car in the middle of the highway in Xiamen, China. The couple with the two kids were left stranded.

As the family was trying to cross the busy road, a speeding SUV missed them by inches and then hit their car, before crashing into a third car.

Watch The Video Here:

“Without carefully observing the road first, they stood in the middle of the road and were barely missed being hit by an SUV, which failed to detour or come to a full stop,” the 24-second video clip was captioned.

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So, guys, be careful while traveling on the road and don’t deviate from driving while you are in the driving seat.

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