A Chandigarh Woman Stuffs 3-Year-Old Stepdaughter In A Sack And Brutally Beats It On The Floor

We see shocking incidents of children falling prey to abuse and torture by sadists who don’t think twice before subjecting innocent children to their anger. In such situations, children can only rely on their family members to support. What if the same family ends up being the architect of the cruelty.

Step mother stuffing daughter in sack

A Chandigarh-based woman was caught on camera, brutally assaulting her five-year-old step-daughter, stuffing her into a sack bag. At the time of the incident, the minor was already injured, her leg cast in plaster.

The stepmother actually stuffed the five-year-old girl into a sack, and shook it around violently, while the child screamed. The video is reportedly from a few months ago and was shot by the five-year-old girl’s brother, who then showed it to their father.

Step mother stuffing daughter in sack2

The woman, a resident of Chandigarh Sector 29, has a history of mercilessly beating the little child. The minor’s mother reportedly passed away a few months ago, suffering from cancer. The father married again. The husband lodged a complaint against her to the police. In the video, the woman is seen hitting the child, pulling her ears and hair, before stuffing her inside the sack.

Step mother stuffed daughter in sack

According to a report in Indian Express, the incident happened around two-and-half months back. Manmohan Singh, the girl’s father was unaware of this cruelty meted out to his daughter and said,

“My son made the video clip and handed it to me. I was stunned to see the cruelty of my second wife towards my daughter from my first wife. My first wife passed away two-and-a-half years back and I married Kaur in 2016. I have filed a police complaint, seeking action against Kaur.”

Watch The Video Here:

An FIR has been registered against the mother under Section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act and Section 323 (assault) of IPC. Kaur was staying with her parents for the past two months but is absconding from the time a complaint was registered against her.

A few months ago, in August, there was a viral video that did the rounds of a three-year-old girl being brutally slapped by her mother for apparently misbehaving. And the way that child screamed, it was a trigger for some people, and it really broke our hearts, to say the least.

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