This Video Of Cobra Spitting Out Swallowed Plastic Bottle In Goa Is Going Viral [Watch]

In the current situation, the use of plastic products dominates our daily lives. But plastic is not just polluting the environment, it is also confusing animals. Yes, you read is right.

A video shot in Goa is going viral on social media for a shocking reason. We can see a Cobra struggling to spit out a plastic bottle that it accidentally swallowed. The footage from Canacona Taluka, Goa shows the snake slowly trying to squeeze out a green-colored bottle from its belly as curious people watch.

cobra spitting bottle

As soon as the snake squeezed out the bottle, everyone shocked seeing the bottle coming out of cobra’s belly. We can also see a rescuer handling the snake.

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Wildlife rescuer Goutham Bhagat said, “When I saw the snake with a bulge in its stomach. I thought the Cobra must have swallowed something big that it was not able to digest. But I didn’t have an idea that it would spit out an empty soft drinks bottle. I have asked many people as to why the snake would have swallowed the bottle. But I didn’t get a satisfactory reply from anyone. I hope somebody could give me a logical reply for this.”

Watch The Video Here:

“There is no clear information why the cobra gulped down the bottle, but there is every possibility that the bottle might be having rat or frog in it due to which he had it,” the official said. The unharmed Cobra was later released into the wild.

However marine animals swallowing plastics have been a common thing reminds humans of the destruction caused to the environment. This is not the first time animals consumed plastic assuming it to be food there have been similar incidents in the past. Plastic has pushed several animals to the brink of extinction. Many die after ingesting it or becoming entangled in plastic waste.

Earlier this year, we had seen a video of a snake drinking water from a bottle had gone viral. The incident happened in Karnataka due to the drought conditions in the area.

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