Revealed!! Corn Flakes Were Made To Prevent People From Having $ex

For people the world over, a bowl of corn flakes is the go-to breakfast of choice.

Kellogg’s corn flakes have been a breakfast item over most cities of American and other countries for well over 100 years. They’re the family-friendly way to start your day – but it’s been revealed that Mr Kellogg invented Cornflakes for something more than breakfast.


Yes, the original purpose of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes is far from that of maintaining a balanced diet. Actually, it turns out it was all about $EX.

Are you wondering how??

But it is true, the majority of those who look forward to their morning bowl, it will come as a surprise that they were invented to stop people masturbating and control sexual desires.

John Harvey Kellogg, the man who invented kellogg’s cornflakes was a staunch believer in the benefits of celibacy, believing that sex was unhealthy for the body, mind and soul. Masturbation, meanwhile, he considered even worse.

Although he was married, it’s believed that Kellogg never consummated his own marriage, and he spent his time writing anti-sex books and formulating something which would turn people away from getting hot and heavy, alone or with friends.


‘Self-pollution is a crime doubly abominable,’ he is quoted as once saying. In his book Plain Facts for Old and Young: Embracing the Natural History and Hygiene of Organic Life, he described 39 different symptoms which he said were caused by masturbation.

He claimed that symptoms of sex would include general infirmity, defective development, mood swings, fickleness, bashfulness, boldness, bad posture, stiff joints, fondness for spicy foods, acne, palpitations, and epilepsy.

Dr Kellogg, who died aged 91 in 1943, never consummated his marriage and rather than have sex to procreate, he chose to adopt several children and foster 42. His wife slept in a separate bedroom on his orders.

So where do cornflakes come into this?

Dr Kellogg’s believed meat and rich or flavoured foods increased sexual desire – and plain foods suppressed it.

This led to him creating a range of breakfast products, while a physician at Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan, that he believed would stop people pleasuring themselves.

His first invention was ‘granola’ before moving on to inventing an enema machine and stuffing half a pint of yoghurt up his anus as a ‘cleanse’. The other half pint would be consumed by mouth.

His final invention was plain cereal – including corn flakes – which he marketed on a mass scale with his brother Will. The brothers fell out after Will, who also died aged 91 in 1951, added sugar to the recipe and formed the Kellogg company on his own.

But, there is no evidence that eating cornflakes leads to less sex.

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