This Dad’s One Sentence, Hilarious Birthday Joke About Her Daughter Is Cracking Up The Internet

Our parents give us life and love. Occasionally, they also give us a hard time. Witty jokes by our Moms and Dads are a great source of entertainment on the Internet. But this latest tweet that’s hilarious is going around on social media that is cracking everyone up.

Joe Pellatt’s (father of Raylin) Twitter post could go down as one of the funniest dad jokes of all time. What Joe Pellatt did was his duty, wishing his daughter when she turned 21 recently.

Raylin's dad Joe Pellatt

While dad jokes are known for eliciting eye rolls and groans from everyone in the vicinity, this one will definitely make you laugh out loud. To wish his daughter Raylin on her 21st birthday on July 21, Joe Pellatt posted a picture of his daughter and a seal. Accompanying the picture was a humorous caption which has made hundreds of people burst into laughter.

We imagine Joe was probably pretty proud, and maybe a little sad, that his baby was growing up. As a tribute to the big birthday, he wrote a message on her Facebook timeline.

Raylin's dad Joe Pellatt

Everyone was pretty impressed with the extreme level of dad joke he had achieved, including Joe himself. Daughter Raylin in a reply posted this epic photo on Twitter with a sarcastic jibe on her dad’s joke.

Raylin has commented on the post saying, “He texted me and told me how funny he thought he was!”

“My dad keeps texting me asking for updates on how this tweet is doing. My dad is proud of himself,” her second tweet said.

Soon, the tweet has gone viral and has been shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Mostly, the tweet has got a number of replies from people laughing too hard and calling her dad ‘savage’. But Raylin’s dad, Joe seems he has a great sense of humor. From now, whenever you come across it, you’ll laugh at the picture’s caption for sure, isn’t it?

When asked about her reaction to the overnight popularity that her tweet has garnered, Raylin told, “I love giving my dad updates on how many ‘retweets’ and ‘favourites’ it has got and tell him about all the people who think that my dad is funny! We have a family group chat where we have been talking about this all weekend. It’s fun to see the numbers going up.”

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Did you enjoy the tweet of Raylin’s father? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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