Do You Know Why The Milestones on The Road Have A Different Colour?

While nowadays, we have our mobile phone equipped with GPS navigation system. Which tells us exactly how much distance we need to travel to reach our desired destination. With travel information on our fingertips, it has become straightforward to plan an adventure. However, this wasn’t the case alway. Back in days, people didn’t have mobile phones let alone an application in which they can see all the information about the destination.



So, how did they knew how much more they need to travel? Well, it’s a silly question which probably all of you know the answer of. Milestones, there are many milestones alongside with roads displaying the distance and direction one need to travel to reach a particular destination.
But, have you noticed that those milestones are of different colours, and do you know what those colours tell about what milestones? Do you?

It isn’t for decorating or to make those milestones look good trust me.

Well here are the different types of milestones and what does their colour tell about them.

1) Yellow colour milestone

A lot of times you would notice yellow milestones, though they look nice. It’s not painted yellow for that; yellow colour milestones tell you that, you are travelling on the National highway. Always be careful on those btw.


2) Green colour milestone



Just like yellow colours, you will come across some green colour milestones as well. While there doesn’t tell you that you are travelling on the National highway, however you still on the highway. Green colour milestones are seen on State Highways.


3) Black, Blue or White colour

Dropping down from the National highway to State Highways, Now if you come across White, Blue or Black colour milestones. It means you are travelling inside a city or district.


4) Orange colour milestone



Now that you know what colour is for National highway, State Highway and City/ district. Well only thing left after that is, you guessed it. Villages. These milestones are seen in villages and come under are found on village roads that come under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana

Well, now you know where exactly you are when you see a milestone.

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