Ever Wondered Why Camera Lenses Are Always Circular In Shape? Here Is The Reason

We all know that Camera lenses are circular in shape. But, have you ever wondered why Camera Lenses Are Always Circular In Shape? This fact has a lot of reasons behind it.

There are a number of scientific reasons behind the circular shape of camera lenses. It has been widely observed that in optics, circular or spherical shapes work well, in comparison to others.

However, the biggest reason is that rotationally symmetric shapes simply do the job better than any other shape in the camera context.

Also, the reasons for such a shape of the lenses vary from manufacturing to lens rotation to a wider perspective. We has tried to search for an answer to this question, now read on to find out the explanations. So, no need to bother your shutterbugs as your curiosity has been answered here.

Circular lenses are easier to manufacture and assemble into objectives.

Generally, it is easier to make circular camera lenses. They are cheaper to make and easier to calibrate when different lenses are combined to achieve a particular power and measure. Also to produce macro and telephoto lenses, circular is the preferred shape.

The parts of a camera such as diaphragm and aperture are conducive to circular lenses.

The opening of a diaphragm and the aperture give rise to a circular space, this is the reason a circular lens will produce the best results. The opening of a diaphragm is in a spiral shape, which looks like a circle.

Wider perspective is achieved through circular lenses.

A circular lens has the ability to rotate without occupying any extra space. Spherical lenses provide better and wider perspective for the wide angle lenses. They are easier to adjust.

Circular lenses are easiest to rotate for zoom and focus.

Rotating either triangular, square or rectangular lens is very difficult. It is more convenient to rotate circular lenses, for the purpose of zoom and focus. The adjustment of zoom and focus is done using rotation only. This is one of the reasons for the acceptance of circular shape.

To capture images of objects at varying distances, circular lenses come handy

They help in focusing light at a single point. Adjusting and rotating lens converge the light coming into the camera at a point on the screen or mirror. This is how an image is captured. But, this image is inverted, which is later reinverted for us to view it correctly.

Circular lens.

One of the most important features of a lens is its ability to gather light even in the case of dim lighting. The circular shape of a lens makes this easier. In optics, it is essential to use circular shapes for best results.

Images of high resolution or sharpness are best captured using circular lenses.

High quality images are produced if the lens surface is very accurate to provide high precision. Although it is not impossible to produce high quality images through lens of other shapes, the grinding and polishing processes while making a lens are performed to ensure the desired accuracy. This is best achieved in a circular shape.

Geometric reason

The shape of a circle is such that it minimizes the maximum dimension for a particular area. The larger the optical dimension, the lower is the optical quality. Thus, the light gathering capacity of a lens is largely affected by the governed area.

These are the reasons for using circular camera lenses. Do keep them in mind. So, take out your cameras and head out photographing.

H/t & Image Source: Wittyfeed


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