A Mind Baffling Storm Is Clouding United States, Check Out The Live Streaming, Millions Are Watching It Now

A horrible storm swirled the lands in the United States’ popular state South Dakota. There’s something very special about this. The happenings at the place are now live-telecasted on Facebook.

Coming to the details of the video, sounds of the thunders are heard in the video. Heavy winds circling and making a shape like a majestic blue rainbow in the sky, it eradicates sparkling light near the town of Wall, South Dakota, USA.

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Further, the blue rays are speeding up into the sky tearing apart the red layers. Plain roads with sparkling lights at the ends and finely spun clouds usurping the same.

As of now, the video has been viewed more than 2.5 millions times, and it has also garnered almost 77,000 shares. However, a lot of users are also calling it “fake” and saying that “the video is on repeat”.

Watch the video here:

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