Florida: 50-Year-Old Indian Man Shot Dead In Florida Departmental Store

On Tuesday, a fifty-year-old man who is from Telangana, who was a general manager in Florida at a department store was shot and died on the spot.

The man was identified as 50-year-old Kotha Govardhan Reddy, he moved to the United States of America 7 years ago, the investigation showed that he was attacked by a couple of men who charged him in the department store which was located in Pensacola City, Florida. The investigation showed that he was shot by an African-American man.

One other employee was attacked in the department store and got injured, the report showed.

50-year-old Kotha Govardhan Reddy has a family who lives in Florida, 2 of his daughters are in school. The family is from the Yadadri District, the village of Telangana.

A friend of the victim said: “We got information that a masked man shot dead Govardhan when he was alone at the store and fled away. As per preliminary information, the accused did not take away any cash. The motive of the killing is not known.”

The family of the deceased requested the center to help them bring back the dead body of 50-year-old Kotha Govardhan Reddy back in India.


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