Florida: Video Shows Huge Snake Mauled By An Alligator

A video went viral on social media platforms that showed an epic battle between a python and alligator, please note that the video is not for those people who are faint-hearted. The video was captured in the Shark Valley Visitor Centre that is located in the Everglades National Park in Florida, the video features the winner of the deadly and epic battle. The video showed the alligator winning the battle and defeat the 10-foot-long python.

The video was captured and posted by Rich Kruger, a resident of Florida, he added that the python was around 10-foot-long.

The video got 13,000 views after it was shared online.

Rich Kruger also shared pictures of the epic battle online.

Posted by Rich Kruger on Tuesday, 19 February 2019

The alligator won the battle this time, but last year, in the same national park, a 10-foot-long python was about to make a 4-foot alligator as his meal, but a snake catcher who was passing by saw the incident and saved the alligator.

A news agency said that incidents like these are common in south Florida, as the population of the Burmese Python is continuing to increase at a rapid speed.





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