Former Business Partner Of Stan Lee Charged With Three Counts Of Theft And False Imprisonment Of An Elder Adult

Keya Morgan, the former manager of Stan Lee, who passed away last year, has been charged with 3 felony counts of theft, false imprisonment of an elder adult, forgery, misdemeanor count of elder abuse, and embezzlement against the great Stan Lee himself.

A warrant has been issued for Keya Morgan, this was announced by a Los Angeles Superior Court.

Stan Lee passed away in November 2018, he was 95-years-old. Stan was often seen in Marvel movies as he had short cameos in them.

Just a couple of months before Stan passed away, it was reported that a restraining order was issued against Keya Morgan.

During the time, the wife of Stan, Joan, passed away, and during that time, Keya Morgan “inserted himself into Mr. Lee’s life”.

In a court document, it showed that Keya Morgan was accused of taking control of Stan Lee’s house in Hollywood Hills, and allegedly hiring security personnel to keep the family and friends of Stan Lee away.

Keya also moved Stan to a new house.

The crimes of Keya Morgan came into light after he was arrested by the police on suspicion of making a false police report outside the house of Stan Lee on 30 May.

On May 30, a welfare check was being conducted, and when the security guards did not allow Morgan to enter the house, he reported a “Burglary” in progress.

It is also believed that Keya Morgan mishandled more than $5 Million USD of Stan Lee’s money.

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