Girl Quits Her Job To Breastfeed Her Boyfriend For Every Two Hours

who does everyone wants a girlfriend who is supportive of their journey and their gains, but is this too far? Meet the doting girlfriend in question… Jennifer Mulford – and she seriously cares about your gains! She won’t get annoyed when you can’t eat out because you have to track your macros, she won’t get annoyed when you spend that extra time at the gym – She’ll truly support you in your gains, even to the point that she’ll let you drink her breast milk… YEP, you heard that right, she’ll let you drink her breast milk!


It’s been a fair bit of time since Jennifer gave birth and to keep the production of milk doing she needs to regularly offload her produce, about every couple of hours or so. Now, you’d think that this would be a problem because there’s no way that they can be together every couple of hours, right? WRONG. Jennifer even QUITE HER JOB so that she could feed her beloved bodybuilding boyfriend! MADNESS!

Coming to the context, her boyfriend Brad, who’s 36 years old (bit old for breastfeeding by normal standards, yeah? haha) managed to talk her into breastfeeding him to fuel his gains! He believes that the high. nutritional value gives him the edge when it comes to making gains! He did try to convince her to let him suckle in public, but we guess that she found this just one step too far, haha.

wife breastfeeding husband

Fair play to the couple, if it makes them happy and brings them closer together as a coupe then who are we to discourage them?? However, we don’t advise trying to talk your girlfriend into a similar arrangement – We don’t think it will go down too well with most girlfriends.

Check out the video here to watch the science and authenticity behind the whole news:

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