Have A ‘Guarding Angel’ Line On Your Left Palm? Find Out What It Means…

Do you have a guardian angel? Your palm may be able to tell you the answer to that question!

Palmistry is an ancient art that many people traced back to India. From there, it spread to China, Egypt, Greece, and Europe. Although most believe palmistry to be superstition, others consider it an ancient science.

“Many doctors and psychologists who have investigated its science have shown from their conclusions that hands have the potential to reveal a person’s character, health and psychological states.”


All this while, we heard of four major lines- heart line, head line, life line, and fate line that revealed a lot about personalities, relationships, destiny, life and death. But, this newfound line, ‘Guardian Angel’ line, has over the time gained much attention, as it tells us if we have presence of a good spirit around us.

Guardian Angel Line

Guardian angel lines are rare, but also very powerful! These lines are formed, on the left hand, when a family member or close friend dies. The line signifies that they are now traveling alongside you as a spirit guide or guardian angel.


In particular, you will find this line in your left palm and it is only formed when someone really close to you passes away, and comes back to you as your guardian angel. This line is quite rare, so do not be dishearten if you fail to find it on your hand.

This line if quite powerful as it tells you that you have someone watching over you. Someone who’s making the effort to keep bad and evil things away from you and pushing you to something that your truly deserve.


It also means that now as they have passed away their spirit is now traveling along with you as your angel, helping you in your times of trouble.

How to locate Guardian Angel line


So, if you have started finding out yours, I would advise you to first wash your hand and moisturize them well. As after a long day at work, your hands tend to get rough and with all that desk dirt and roughness, all you will see are criss-cross patches all over your palm.


The Guardian Angel line is basically a curve that runs up alongside the life line (initially a parallel line) and joining the head line. The point at which it cuts in to head line symbolizes the age at which you lost your closed one.

Relation with guardian angel


Presence of this line means that if you call for your guardian angel at the time of your need, it is evident that they will respond to your call.

Do Know What are Bracelet lines:

If you look slightly down your palm, you may find horizontal, curved, crooked lines over your wrist. These lines reveal a lot about your health, love and life. The part which connects your palm with the rest of the hand is called wrist, and the lines covering it are known as Bracelet lines or Rascette lines.


Now count them:

More the number of bracelet lines, longer you will live. If you have just one line, it means your life expectancy is 25-28 years, which is quite rare. If you have two bracelet rings, it indicates 45-57 years of life. Presence of three lines means life expectancy is up to 85 years. More than three means life expectance beyond 85. Mostly, we have three lines, having four is not common.

First Rascette Line


Now focus on your first bracelet line, if it is clear and unbroken, then it signifies that the person has good health and is physically fit. In case you notice breaks and cuts, and find the line to be poorly formed or heaped upwards then it means the person is reckless and tolerant.

For Women


In case there is a curve upwards going into the base of palm, then it means that the woman may have gynecological problems, like difficulty in conceiving, complications during delivery or irregular menses.

For Men


If their first bracelet line is curved upwards into the base of palm, or if it is crooked and broken then it signifies that they may incur problems related to prostate, urinary or fertility.

Second Rascette Line


This one is an indicator of prosperity, wealth, and happiness in one’s life. If it is clear with less cuts than you are in for some good news, but in case there are a lot of broken gaps or crooked gushes over the line, it means the person would struggle to maintain the balance in his life in terms of happiness and prosperity.

Third Rascette Line


It is related to one’s career, success and fame. If you notice that the line is clear, a bit light but without any gaps then it means that the person will be quite influential throughout his life.

Fourth Rascette Line


This one is quite rare, so if you have then it’s quite good. If you have this line, you will notice it will be exact parallel to the third bracelet line and it is to maximize and strengthen the effects of the third line.



And, while you are looking at your palm, we might suggest you look in for these signs. If your first line is thick, second line is thin and light and third line is small, then it indicates that you experienced prosperity during childhood, might see a bit decline in mid-age, but will regain it in your old-age.



If you notice a hint of star-like sign over your bracelet lines, then it indicates that the person would have a rock-steady health.



If there is a hook-like sign, then be prepared to be bestowed with ruling power in your hands.



If there is a chain like structure on your lines then it means that your life might see some struggles, but you will enjoy the journey overcoming them.

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