Here Is The Reason Why Beer Bottles Are Either In Green Or Brown Colours!

Everybody loves beer! It is an alcoholic product with a huge and loyal fan following. People who fall in love with it find excuses to have it regularly and they have it every day. There are many types of beer that are loved by many. For many people, beer is an addiction, beer is a daily activity. Can you believe if we say that beer is the most drinkable beverage on the earth? Oh yes, it is!

Today, in this article, we are going to share something that you don’t know. Assuming that you love beer, I am sure you might have come across the bottles rolling on the grounds of the bachelors, especially.

If you are a beer lover, you must have come across such an incident for sure either in a bachelor’s house or in any house. Have you noticed the colours of the bottles as green or brown? Do you know why they are mostly in those colours, but not in any other colors? Do you know why? Well, read on!

Has the question ever struck in your mind that why Beer is not served in clear bottles? We are going to explain you the reason. Here is why the beer bottles are either in green or brown in colour.

In its earliest days, beer was served in a clear bottle, but these brewers soon discovered that one of the acids in the beverage is reacting with sunlight and the UV rays. UV rays are emitted directly from sunlight.

Because of this, the Beer used to turn very smelly and as a result, it used to be less interesting as a product and the sales went down.

In order to solve this problem, to fix it, they tried coating the bottles with brown colour. The thing with brown colour is that it doesn’t let the UV rays to interact with the acid in the Beer and hence it is safe and doesn’t get destroyed.

During the World War 2, the green bottles came to use for the first time. The availability of the brown bottles has increased drastically and the brewers and they had to opt for some other colour so that it can help them to maintain the sale and the quality of Beer. This is when the Green coloured bottles started to come into existence.

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