Here is What Rakhi Sawant said After Mahika Sharma Mocked Her C*nd0m Brand

We all know how controversial Rakhi Sawant is if there is one thing that she can not stay away from is the spotlight. And she would do anything to stay in it.



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Recently she made news for her weird Yoga suit, which looked more like a swimsuit. Apart from this, she has always been in the news for numerous of things. Such as kissing Mika Singh and many more.

In fact, she has been voted as the most vulgar dress worn by anyone, when she decided to print Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a short dress, and post a lot of awkward pictures.

One thing is for sure that she knows how to stay in the news, and can do anything as a publicity stunt.

Next up is Mahika Sharma, who for some reason took a dig on Rakhi Sawant’s c*nd0m brand. She asked if her C*nd0m brand still exists after plastic band in Mumbai.

To understand this, let me tell a bit about Poonam Panday. Well, she started twitting stuff after Mumbai Police in a notification band the manufacturing and use of Plastic bags. After which she twitted wether C*nd0ms were included in the ban.

Well, taking the topic from here Mahika mocked Rakhi and asked whether her C*nd0m brand still existed.



After which, Rakhi Sawant’s account became a battlefield. She abused young Tv actress for her weird and controversial question about her C*nd0m brand.
Rakhi responded back to Mahika in her usual way – with abusive words and insensitive remarks. In one video, Rakhi said Mahika kinds would get AIDS if c*d0ms got banned!

In another video, Rakhi improves Mahika’s ‘c*nd0m’ knowledge, saying that c*nd0ms are made out of rubber, not plastic.

However, both actresses have deleted all the comments and posts on Instagram, but if looked closer, its traces can still be found in Rakhi Instagram.

After this, all drama Rakhi went on to another controversy by posting a new video, which has received a lot of flak over its nudity and content.



For someone who blames Bollywood for sexual favors, she sure doesn’t mind to use nudity to stay in headlines.
Well, whatever the case, let us know what you think about this whole internet drama.

Here is What Rakhi Sawant said After Mahika Sharma Mocked Her C*nd0m Brand

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