Here’s The Truth Behind The Cheetah-Deer Photo Story, The Photographer Was Shocked

Since a couple of days, the story of a photograph featuring the group of Cheetah devouring a deer has gone viral on social media. Meanwhile, after having a glance at the beautiful photograph, someone roped in a photo story to the click and very soon it was shared by millions on Facebook and twitter.

According to the story that went viral, initially, Cheetahs chased three deer of which one was the mother of the other two. To save its baby deer from the mighty cheetahs the mother deer sacrificed itself to the cheetah, giving enough space for its babies to escape.

And the mother deer is silently looking at its babies as the cheetahs are about to finish it. It is further added that the photographer has fallen into depression after clicking this picture.

The story flooded the popular pages so fast that even the popular actor Shahid Kapoor couldn’t resist himself from sharing the story.

Now, after acknowledging all this drama, the photographer behind this Alison Buttigieg took on to her facebook page and slammed the websites who went forward framing the fake story.

She then shared the real story through her blog,

The Real Story:

Cheetah Kill

Check her blog here

I witnessed this Cheetah kill in September 2013 in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.  Narasha, the cheetah mom, was teaching her youngsters how to kill prey.  However, they were a bit slow on the uptake and they instead were playing with the hapless Impala prey instead of killing it. Narasha, the cheetah mom is the one that is grabbing the impala by the neck in all the photos.   The youngsters practice some skills like pbouncing and tripping which they get right, but they cannot seem to be able to get how to strangle the impala effectively.

What is out of the ordinary in this sequence of photos is how calm the impala is throughout its ordeal.  It is probably in shock and thus paralysed with fear.  It is disturbing how it seems to be posing in some photos, especially in the 6th one as if determined to stay beautiful and proud until it very ends.  The defiance in its eyes is in stark contrast with its lack of interest in self-preservation.  This allowed me to get unique pictures of a kill that are seemingly choreographed in their grace.  I wanted the viewer to sympathise with the impala and at the same time witness with me the disturbing nature of this unusual kill.

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