Hina Khan Gets Trolled Again for Posting Pictures in Strapless Playsuit

It seems like trollers and Hina Khan have a profound relationship. Every time she posts something, trollers seem to follow her everywhere.




This time she posted a series of pictures in strapless playsuit on her Instagram account. As she opted to wear a white strapless corset style playsuit accessorized with grey-blue open-toed lace-up boots. She also carried the same color jacket over her shoulder.

She looked so amazing, a lot of people acknowledged her style. But as always some people cannot stop spreading negativity.

One user wrote, “Aunty ji looking ok ok (sic)” while another wrote, “You don’t know how to pose. It either looks like a forced candid or vulgar. Realise the fact that there are way better actresses than you doing much better in their career than you, getting awarded for acting. And that today you are nothing more than a struggling actress. So stop exaggerating about yourself and make a fool of yourself.”




She was blamed, and regarding that, she at an event said: “When a person grows and moves up in their career, there are many, who would try to put them down or talk ill about them. But that shouldn’t ever deter us from moving ahead. Social media and trollers are faceless, and it doesn’t bother me at all. I want to focus on my work and career, and I can’t let all this affect me.”

On being trolled over her clothes, she had said, “Clothes don’t make a style statement, your personality does. Otherwise, all designers would be wearing and walking the ramp in their designs. By the way, she’s the designer herself (referring to the lady who’s wearing the same outfit as Hina), it’s her piece. Designers want to source their clothes only to a few actors.”



We loved her pictures and can not wait to see more from her. Unlike trollers, we love her attitude and her positive vibe. We wish her all the best in all her future endeavors. As for trollers, all we could say is it doesn’t matter what you say until that affects the person you say to. And Hina isn’t someone who would.

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