Hina Khan Shared These Yoga Pictures and Got Trolled

Being world Yoga day, many people joined the celebration by sharing their yoga pictures. This day is dedicated to fitness and health. And like all of them, Hina Khan joined the celebration and posted her photos while doing yoga.



However, she never thought of the reaction she would get from it.

She wrote,

When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.. let’s give this world Good Energy.
#InternationalYogaDay #breathe #HonourYourBody #BePresent #Relaxation #meditation #yogahighforlife #fitgirl ?‍♀️P.C @vikky2121

See these pictures,







While it shows how much she maintain her health and fitness, and flats her fit body. She attracted a lot negative troll comments. They badly trolled Hina for posting these pics and even for performing Yoga. Can you imagine that? Take a look at some comments-

-”Wrong Posture”
-”5 time ke namaz padh le, yoga ki jarurat ni padegi, aese chote kapde pahan ke yoga kar ke Islam ka naam kbarab mat kar”.

“Serials me to bohot acchi baate hai, or hakikat Main cheap people.”

However, apart from negative comments, we loved everything about this post. She looks amazing and supports world yoga day. We love the fact that she doesn’t let these troll behaviour get to her. She looks fantastic and stunning while doing yoga and is very fit which is impressive.

We ask this question bluntly, which law stops Muslim from doing Yoga. How does doing Yoga make anyone a less Muslim? In this world, two dozen Muslim countries including Indonesia (a nation with largest Muslim population), celebrated world Yoga day, then who are these trollers to claim that Yoga is a threat to Islam.



In 2005, 47 Islamic countries officially Co-sponsored world yoga day, i.e. on June 21st. Hina Khan is a fitness enthusiast. She has been doing Yoga for a while and promote physical and mental health. But, apart from her body, these trollers can’t see anything. Maybe all they care about in women is her body which is shameful. Those who take away one’s freedom and choice in the name of religion should be ashamed. Not Hina Khan who promotes mental and physical fitness.

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