Hyderabad Zoo: Drunk Man Bounces Into Lions’ Enclosure To Shake Hands [WATCH VIDEO]

What all a drunk man might do is quite beyond our assumptions. Some hit the dizziness on the roads, someone unleashes it by getting frustrated with their loved ones, and here is the weird possible thing a man has done.

But, how about springing into a Lions’ enclosure to shake hands with a nice stud lion? Well, this man has broken those barriers, he drank so much that he forgot his instincts that a Lion can harm a human being, he blindly jumped into a Lions’ closure in Hyderabad’s Zoo Park swam through the surrounded water and wave his hands at the two big lions craving for the response from them.

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While he is badly waiting for the response from the lions, people around the enclosure started pelting stones in the lions in order to protect him from their claws, the Lions returned to their previous’ places. However, this man later returned to the enclosure wall and is been pulled back by few people.

Watch The Video Here:

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