In A Very Shameful Event, A Man Caught Throwing Petrol At Holy Kaaba in Makkah

Makkah is critical in the religion of Islaam. Muslims all around the world travel to the Holy city of Makkah every year to pay their homage to the god.
According to the Muslim community, The Kaaba is considered to be the House of God by the Muslims and was believably placed by Abraham and Ishmael.



However, even though the place is among the holiest places on the planet. It’s making headlines, and not for good reasons. Apparently, shocking news came from the Holy city of Makkah sometime back when two individuals committed suicide in front of the Holy Kaaba during the auspicious month of Ramadan. While the news of the suicide left everyone confused and disturbed.

Yet another news surfaced, in which a man tried to create a ruckus in Makkah. He tried to light Holy Kaaba on fire. Apparently, he threw petrol on the holy cloth Kiswa and tried to light it. Kiswa is the black cloth of the holy Kaaba.



According to the reports, when the man was trying to do the wrong deed, he was surrounded by a lot of people. When he threw petrol on the Kiswa, he was forcibly stopped by the people from lighting the cloth on fire.
After which the armed forces intervened.

This entire incident got caught on the camera, and it has become quite viral on the social media now. Reportedly, the man was speaking in different languages which made it difficult for the people present there to understand him. This made it tough for the people to communicate with him or reason with him.

There are no further reports on the incident at the moment, but it’s being said that the man is caught and is being questioned.

Religious beliefs are very sacred to many people. It gives them hope. And in difficult times, it gives them the power to fight and cross the steep path that’s ahead of them. And when something like this happens in any religion. It leaves people shocked and angry.





What do you think about this incident? What do you think, why this man tried to do what he did?.

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