Indian Girl Kills Herself After Her Classmates Doing this to her on Whatsapp Group

Kids are future of the country, and they are our responsibility. It’s our job to provide them with proper care and love so that they can grow and be something amazing. However, this wasn’t the case of an Elena Mondol, a 14-year-old Indian background girl in Uk.



She was found unresponsive in a wooded area near the famous Henrietta Barnett School in north London. The incident took place last year, and there is an ongoing investigation, has been adjourned until an expert psychiatrist can adequately assess the nature of guidance provided to the girl before her demise.

According to reports,

Her parents, Shyamal and Moushumi Mondal, expressed fears that their daughter was being bullied at the girls’ school for Elena had once fled from class in a fit of tears and with a pair of scissors in her hands.

Before, she had once collapsed in school’s corridor following which she had cut her arms in the washroom.

She was not allowed to join WhatsApp group of her class, by her classmates.

And she was already suffering from depression due to bullying, which leads to the decision she made.



The school is remarkably, and this raised some questions, however, according to well-being manager of the school, Kelly Barry said that Elena was referred to the school counselor after she repeatedly missed lunches and complained of depression. However, she lost most of her appointments.

So far what it looks like, it’s a case of a bully and lousy counseling of a 14-year-old girl. If she kept missing her appointment, her parents should have had been informed, and they should have had made sure that she doesn’t miss any of her appointments.

It’s unfortunate news as a very young girl killed herself, over what we would say nothing. But for her, it meant something and was essential for her to if anyone would have had tried harder to understand her, maybe it could have been a different case.



Kids live in their world. We highly suggest to understand them, first understand their world.

We should always try to understand what is important to them, instead of just telling them what is essential.

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