[WATCH VIDEO] Inspired By #MeToo Campaign, These DANCERS Capture The Agony Of Sexual Harassment

There are countless women across the globe who have been victims of molestation/sexual assault at some point in their life. They have been exposed to all sorts of attack by perverts. Most of the women remain silent and tight-lipped about such horrific incidents out of shock, while the rest make a loud noise about it.


In the wake of a flood of sexual molestation, women around the world are sharing their sexual harassment experiences on social media platforms with the hashtag #MeToo to spread awareness among the large section of the people.

The emotional #MeToo movement shook the world and created a conundrum that left everyone seething. While most were angry and disappointed, others saw it as a glimmer of hope, a silver lining, which would give courage to people to speak up against heinous acts of sexual violence.

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In a powerful video, the dancers at BOM squad came together to narrate their own experiences of being sexual abuse victims. The video comes in the aftermath of the #MeToo campaign which helped millions of women and men to fearlessly open up about stories of sexual assault.

Many artists added an edge to the movement with their powerful imagery, poems, and work of art. Joining the brigade, an all-girls jazz group of the BOM squad ‘Svetana’ has created a powerful video to capture the #MeToo campaign through their evocative dance moves.


The YouTube description reads: “The inspiration to make this video came from watching Faye D’Souza. When every woman says #metoo, we have a  problem. There is no big or small, harassment is harassment. Please do not be afraid to speak up.  Please do not suffer in silence. It’s not your fault. Take help if you need. Today you will find a lot more help than ever. Speak up, the magnitude of the problem needs to be addressed. As Artists, we have the privilege of being able to express through our art. And so we did. Yes, these are only a handful of experiences that we went through, putting them all forward would need a few Hours or maybe more. But this is a small part of our story.”

Watch The Video Here:

With no music, but only through a narration of harrowing experiences of several women, the trio expressed the agony through dance and stressed to “not suffer in silence”.

But despite this, many fell prey to needless trolls and objectification. And these Dancers aimed to highlight this very problem that plagues them on a daily basis. As dancers, they exposed the degrading comments they receive on a daily basis.

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