Calculate Your IQ Level With This High-End ‘Sentenced To Death’ Puzzle, Only 1 Out Of 10 Can Solve This

Starting from SUDOKUs, people are always curious about approaching the Puzzles and riddles. There are many puzzles that can brawl with our brains, some can be solved instantly meanwhile some are quite ridiculous.

These puzzles can unveil your way of approaching the tasks, the problem-solving capability and the extent of thinking out of the box. Some people can solve them at one go, meanwhile, others have to spend hours with various takes and what not, there are certain people who are gifted with immense IQ level that can make them breaking done any mind boggling question.

Here’s one puzzle, generally called as ‘Sentenced To Death’, it is believed that only 1 out of 10 can solve this one, and those were people who absolutely has higher IQ level.

Check out this and know if you’re one out of those 10.


Four people are sentenced to death. Each person is given a chance to save themselves if they guess the color of their hat. The rules are that they can not look back and that they can not look at own’s hat. They only have one try for each, and they have been told that between the four, there are two black hats and two white ones. Also, There is no mirror anywhere; they can not talk to each other. Now, what do you think about the chance of survival?

IQ testing puzzle2

So, if you’re unable to break it down, then here’s the answer for you:

IQ testing puzzle

It is already said that only one could safely escape his life. Knowing that there are only two possibilities, person 1 would have two hats in front of him. If both were of the same color, he would be saved without any problems, since there would be only one possibility. Therefore person number 2 and 3 have different colors. When seeing that 2 and 3 have black hats, he has to have a white hat obviously.

That’s it, if he guesses right, the one on the other side of the wall will be sentenced to death, if he goes wrong, he has to be sentenced to death.

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