Jammu and Kashmir: Man Carrying A Grenade And A Detonator Arrested At An Army Camp

Police Report: A possible terrorist attack was averted on Monday, after a man who was carrying grenades and a detonator was arrested in Poonch District of Jammu and Kashmir.

Ramesh Kumar Angral, the Superintendent of Poonch Police said that the man has been identified as Rajinder Singh, who is a resident of Kalakote, Rajinder was stopped by the Indian army after they saw him acting weird in a rally that was held in Surankote. The Indian army recovered a C-90 Grenade, an Under Barrel Grenade Launcher, and a detonator from him.

Rajinder was arrested on the spot and was handed over to the Poonch police.

Ramesh Kumar Angral, the Superintendent of Poonch Police said that an FIR has been registered against Rajinder Singh. The police are trying to know where Rajinder got the explosives from and what was his plans with it.

Superintendent Ramesh said “We are open to all the angles and a thorough investigation is on in the case”

The Indian Army noticed Rajinder acting weird outside the camp during a rally, the army checked him up at around 10:15 AM. Reports say that there were more than 100 teenagers at the camp when the incident happened.

2 people were killed last week when a 13-year-old kid threw a grenade at a bus stand in Jammu and Kashmir.

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