This Video Featuring Alien Like Looking Creature Is Going Viral In Social Media And Here Is The Truth Behind This

A video featuring a strangely looking creature is going viral in India on all social media platforms. The creature merely appeared like a hairless beast clutching the cage it was put into.

The video was shared on WhatsApp and Facebook portraying it as an alien. The location was mentioned as Bengaluru and precisely noted as Kerala and Karnataka borders.

Watch The Video Here:

Further, it is captioned in poor English, as:

very unseen strange creature found at Kerala-Karnataka border on 30 Nov 2016 . This is not funny. Caught in Kerala-Karnataka border. It had been eating all animals including humans. Total 4 reported and only 1 caught. Please be safe during the travel through jungle and palm trees. This is not a graphics. A source from authenticated (sic)”.

Despite blindly believing the video story, some netizens took on to the internet and did some decent search about the video, that finally brought the truth to the limelight.

The real story behind the video is:

The creature highlighted in the video is actually a diseased sun bear which is even considered as the rare species. The creature was first encountered at Borneo, Malaysia, in January last year. Initially, the locals of Borneo were scared and called it as an alien.

Even, they ended up pelting stones on the bear.

Apart from the disease, a healthy sun bear usually will have a lush dark fur with a honey-coloured patch around its neck. Conservationists say the sun bear is a protected species in Borneo as numbers are declining rapidly due to loss of habitat.

Earlier, Malaysian media addressed that the diseased sun bear was caught and is been treated at the health care centers.

Meanwhile, in India, many Bengalureans blindly shared the pictures and video naming the creature as alien.

This kind of unauthentic publicity is quite common India through WhatsApp and Facebook chain posts, however, this social stories even started involving aliens this time.

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