A Kerala Priest Breaking Into Killer Dancer Moves On Stage Goes Viral

Are you among those who studied in Christian Educational Institutions or even if you aren’t, you might be aware of the strict and straight-faced priests who head these schools and colleges. They are often known as severe and are probably the only reason why students remember to maintain good manners and discipline in cultural events.

Church priest

In a mesmerizing challenge to how religious figures are portrayed in pop culture, cinema and in real life as serious, quiet and mellow figures, a priest has danced his way into social media’s viral space and has got people talking.

The priest proved all of us wrong, in the suavest way possible. A video of a priest in Kerala, in the typical white robe, breaking into awesome dance moves, is just the one to make your day!

priest-dancing video

Father Merton D Silva, who serves at St Ambrose Church in Kerala’s Vypeen district, with a bunch of youngsters dancing to the song and probably left his church members’ mouths wide open as he began dancing.

While gospel singing and dancing during worship in churches are quite common, it is rare to see a church priest in white robes participate in a choreographed dance number instead of delivering a sermon.

Watch The Video Here:

His moves were outstanding, isn’t it?

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