Kolkata: School Bus Runs Over 5-Year-Old Girl

A 5-year-old girl was run over by an over-speeding bus in the Dum Dum area of Pargana District, West Bengal. The bus run over the 5-year-old school girl in front of her mother on Tuesday.

The accident happened on the Jessore Road that is located in Dum Dum on Thursday around 10 AM.

A police official from the Dum Dum police station said: “The child was run over by a private bus while on her way to school. She was declared brought dead in the hospital.”

The eye-witnesses say that they saw the girl getting down from the bus in the Nagerbazar bus stop, and when she got run over by the same private bus before she could go away from the road.

The Dum Dum police have detained the bus, but the driver of the bus ran away after the accident.

After the accident happened, protesters were so angry that they started to block the road and protested against the drivers who drive in the area. They also protested against the school of the 5-year-old kid as they did not provide a sufficient number of buses for their students.

One angry protester said: “The school authority has no responsibility. They have very few school buses. As a result, many of our kids have to travel on private buses. They should immediately post some attendants outside the school premises for safely escorting students.”


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