Law Officer Arrested By The ACB After Getting Caught Taking Bribe In Telangana

Police Report: A law officer in Telangana was caught taking a bribe, the officer also tried to flush the money in the toilet as an attempt to wipe out the evidence.

On Monday, officers from the ACB (Anti-Corruption Bureau) arrested Shakeel Ansari an Assistant Public Prosecutor after he was caught taking a bribe.

Shakeel Ansari works at the JCFM Court in Shadnagar.

The police said that Shakeel asked Prabhakar Reddy to pay Rs. 8,000 for removing the name of his mother from a case.

Prabhakar Reddy filed a complaint at the Anti-Corruption Bureau, who set up a trap for Shakeel which led to his arrest.

Shakeel Ansari was collecting the bribe money from Prabhakar Reddy when the Anti-Corruption Bureau arrived and arrested him.

Shakeel also ripped the money and flushed the tore ones in the toilet. But officials from the ACB recovered the money.

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