Lights, Solar Panels and Battery Stolen from Eastern Peripheral Expressway in Uttar Pradesh

While we all demand development, but whenever something is done as a part of development. People can’t take it and put their greed over the welfare of society. In an incident, Eastern Peripheral Expressway in Uttar Pradesh which was inaugurated by PM Modi a few days ago. Solar Panels and Batteries got stolen which is said to be worth 2.5 crores.



As per a Hindi News18 report, solar panels, lamp posts and fencing protecting the expressway have been reported stolen. A National Highways Authorities of India (NHAI) official quoted by the report claimed that the panels and their batteries were set up at interchanges, despite which they were stolen. He claimed that electric wires have also been stolen from the highway. A video carried by the media outfit claims that even lights illuminating the underpasses have been taken away.

It’s not the first time, which when something good happens people tend to ruin it and then everyone complains about development. Previously the headphones were stolen, interactive screens vandalized, and toilets were not flushed during Tejas express’s maiden trip.



The highway was built with a budget of Rs.11000 crore, and it is completed in a record 17 month time. The beautiful highway had its highlight with India’s first highway that runs entirely on green energy. Which was supposed to be generated by those Solar Panels which got stolen?

The expressway has provision for rainwater harvesting every 500 meters on both sides of the road. To make the journey even more beautiful, there are 36 national monuments and 40 fountains.
This is not the first time theft has happened over the last one year, over 100 tonnes of steel and fencing wire from different locations have been stolen. A cutting machine was also stolen seven months ago, so it is not a one-off incident.



It is shameful incident, as we ask for development. When we are getting something better and something good. The enemy is inside our own country.
We need strong laws against this kind of actions and better security measures. We have no reports on the suspects, but as per reports, an investigation is going on.

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