Look What This Woman did to Her Brand New Rs. 4.5 Crore Ferrari

We all dream of our car, bike. For many of us buying our car is a dream come true, even if it’s a low budget vehicle. It’s always close to our heart.
Now imagine buying 4.5 crore Ferrari, how would you keep it? I would probably keep him with more care and attention I would give to my girlfriend.


Any supercar fan knows the Value of a Ferrari… Sadly, for a Chinese woman the exact opposite happened and she literally, destroyed her brand-spanking-new Ferrari.

Just seconds after she bought the beast and called it ‘amazing’, the woman lost control of the vehicle. Though she and other passengers escaped with minor injuries, the car didn’t survive the crash.

The Ferrari 458 cost nearly £500,000 (Rs. 4.5 crores) to purchase and import it into China. But it took mere seconds to reduce it to a pile of a wreck.

In the footage, we can see that the lady lost control over her car and hit metal traffic barrier, after which she ended up not only crashed into the BMW but also hits a black Nissan saloon car.



The vehicle is reported to have been purchased by the rental dealership for the astronomical import price of nearly £500,000, while the cost to mend the damaged Italian sports car has been estimated at half that amount.

It is unclear if the woman was insured and whether it would cover the damage.

Social media users have suggested the woman may have turned off the car’s traction control before the crash, which would explain how the vehicle suddenly spun out of control.

Whatever was the reason, it resulted in a tragic event for the car. The beautiful Ferrari, the dream of many got destroyed in seconds. While people think why do such careless people get to drive such cars and destroy them. Other are just sad over the destruction of a masterpiece.



We can not help but say this to all our readers, and it doesn’t matter whether you drive Alto or Ferrari. If you don’t drive carefully, in the end, you will be standing in the same situation as a wrecked car, which if you are fortunate.

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