Look What This Woman Did with An Old Bus

We all dream about a big house, and a luxury House. While most of the people are never satisfied with what they have. Always thinking and wishing for more instead of focusing on what they already have. But those who do, make something amazing and beautiful who can make anyone jealous even if they have all the money in the world.

Nowadays buying a house or land is not cheap, in fact, many don’t even have a home for themselves, and neither have the money to buy one.

Well, a woman decided that there was no reason for her to dream of a big mansion or live in a house. When she can make a mobile home for herself. And which she did.


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Jessie Lipkin decided to create her dream home, and she converted an old school bus to do it.

After she came across a 1966 GMC bus, she immediately fell in love with it and without wasting any time she bought it. What she did with it next is fantastic.
She made herself a luxury mobile house.

In an interview with Bored panda, she said,
“My first draw to the alternative sustainable lifestyle was the documentary Garbage Warrior,” Lipskin told Bored Panda.




“[It] resonated with me. I began to consume everything I could read, more about sustainable lifestyles. Ultimately, a home on wheels seemed like a perfect solution: I could easily explore new places (finding a permanent place to settle, in the short term, was not a priority for me), and I could continue to live a vegan lifestyle.” she added.

Here are pictures of what she made out of an old bus.




Isn’t it beautiful, it’s amazing what one can do if they could think with an open mind and have the desire to live their life based on their terms.
It looks nothing less than A luxurious house, beautiful and packed with all the features a home needs to become habitable.




I do not know about you, but I would love to have a house like that where I can go anywhere I want to.
Let us know would you like a home like this.?

Look What This Woman Did with An Old Bus

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