Create A Square By Moving Just One Matchstick, Only 1 In 6 Can Solve This Puzzle

Just like fuel is for automobiles, in a similar way, Puzzles are for our brains. Getting engages with such logical puzzles will obviously help us in sharpening our brains.

This latest brainteaser is going viral on the Internet leaving people stumped. The photo shows four matchsticks in the form of a cross and the puzzle asks if you can make a square by moving only one match. Evidently, nine out of ten adults are stumped by this puzzle and can’t seem to figure it out.

On the whole, a puzzle is an easy thing to bring out at a gathering, as all you need is four matches.

Imagine the four matches arranged in the shape of a cross. Now, try to move one of the matches in order to make a square, take a few minutes to try and think of a solution.

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More often, we try too hard to solve a problem and instead of thinking of simple solutions they jump to conclusions and assume that the answer can only be found by making major changes. And then they realize that the answer is right in front of them. This can be true for so many situations in life. We are so used to being in a battle with everything in our lives, that we skip over the simplest things.

Now that if you’re still worried about the solution, then check this video:

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