Man Marries His Cancer-Ridden Girlfriend In The Hospital, Fulfills Her Dying Wish

It is rightfully said that love is boundless, and people will go to any extent when it is about their loved ones. In between the world of chaos, career, future and goals, here’s an amazing couple who wholeheartedly got married at certain circumstances that can melt the heart of any rigid person.

How unfortunate it will be to watch our loved ones leaving us forever from right in front of us. Something similar happened with Ronda Bivens, a 28-year-old who is battling cancer. With limited time, all Bivens wanted was to get married to the love of her life, Matt Mager who is also the father of her two young kids.

Biven’s last wish was to marry Mager, and the same is now fulfilled on her birthday of this year, as her best friend Amanda Dalton has arranged everything for the small wedding occasion.

last wish of cancer patient fulfilled by her boyfriend

“It was friends calling friends, getting everything together. We called the county clerk’s office – they sent someone out – and we got a preacher. It happened literally within a couple hours once we got it rolling,” said Dalton.

And, Dalton was the person who gave away her wedding dress to her best friend on the eve, the story came to limelight after he shared the same on a popular Facebook page called ‘Love What Matters’.

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