‘More Tinder than Uber’: Netizens perplexed as a photo of toads hitchhiking a python ride when viral

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(Source: Andrew Mock/ Twitter)

Heavy downpour and floods usually result in the loss of shelter and many people are left homeless and helpless. The victims of the flood are left at the mercy of strangers to give them assistance. In a recent flood, a knot of toads in Australia found themselves riding on a python which was slithering out of a puddle. This once in a lifetime event left a farmer in Kununurra in the neighbourhood of Northern territory speechless even as the video capture of the event draws attention online.

Andrew Mock took the picture photographed by his brother, Paul Mock, to Twitter. Soon afterwards, Twitterati invented their version of the joke about the situation.


Many joked stating that the Python was nothing but just an Uber that the toads used.

“When I was at the centre of the lawn while crossing to the other side, I came across the python which was just slithering away with all these toads holding on it. I thought that that was one of the events which I have seen for the first time in my life and probably will never witness such ever again. In that regard, I took a photo and a video of all of which I posted to my blood brother in New Zealand as I speak.” Paul told the ABC Net Australia. “The python stretching up to 3.5 m in length was also fleeing to safety. He was moving fast across the grass with the toads still hanging onto him.” He informed the Guardian adding that the family is aware of the snake as it usually comes near the farm.


You might think that this rare event was enough but the drama is not yet over. The Amphibian expert Jodi Rowley who lectures at the University of New South Wales stated on Twitter that the male frogs were undoubtedly trying to make with the python. She also added that males get carried away in many cases.

The weird information revealed by Jodi provoked a laughing rite among the microblogging sites.

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