Neha Sharma Shuts Down The Cheap Rumours by Trollers

We have always said, the internet is a fantastic place. We Stand by it, but we did mention it does have its cons.
Speaking of which, like you can reach millions anyone can. But, what if someone started a rumour about you and it reaches a massive number of audience.



Something, like that, happened when a guy posted a picture of Neha Sharma. In the picture, we could see a d***do. There’s a great social media debate going on about females involving in oral s*x or say m**********n. First Swara Bhasker’s scene in Veere Di Wedding and now Kiara Advani in Lust Stories has made this debate unavoidable for everyone.

Which for trollers became an excellent opportunity to spread rumours about people.

It all started with a morphed good morning selfie of Neha Sharma going viral on the internet. The said pic alleged Neha Sharma for using d***do which she forgot to hide while taking a selfie and posted pictures online.



The picture went viral, and people had commented,

“Shame on you. Neha Sharma”- Saifullah

“Actress Neha Sharma- in her eagerness to upload morning selfie, left her *good night* friend on the table”.

Slowly the situation got totally out of control, due to which Neha decided to take things into her own hands and kill all the rumours that are spreading due to a tampered picture.

She shared the original picture and wrote: “It’s sad how misogynistic people can be..stop morphing pics and get cheap thrills out of it..this is the original pic”.

This ended all the rumours about that picture. However, it’s unfortunate to see people do this for nothing. But some next level thrill which we can never understand. Making false rumours and doing all this is shameful and we condemn this kind of actions.




We hope that settled every time that was going online, about Neha Sharma. And talking about the topic, we are nobody to judge anyone if they use something like that or not. It’s their private life.

What do you think about the guy who did that?

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