Netflix Indonesia is going ‘bananas’ over this Telugu movie clip and Twitterati can’t keep calm


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The spoof Telugu film also known as Hrudaya Kaleyam has got everyone talking online.


Kollywood and Bollywood movies are known for their exaggerated stunts. Even though those movies get a lot of appreciation from fans around the world, sometimes they become a meme.

Recently, Indonesia went crazy after watching a short clip from an Indian movie, fans from Indonesia requested Netflix India to help them identify the movie so that they can watch it.

You may wonder what made fans around Indonesia go so crazy about a short clip.

Well, who would not, after seeing a cop single-handedly killing and put an end to a dozen villains by using a BANANA!!

Yes, you read it right. A banana, which is what the cop used to defeat a dozen villains, the cop does have a great taste in choosing a weapon.

What really impressed everyone was the response of Netflix India, they wrote “OMG this. Is. Bananas. 10/10 would watch a sequel to The Night Comes for us with only fruit as weapons.”

This scene was from the movie Hrudaya Kaleyam Also known as Singam123 that starred Sampurnesh Babu, a well-known actor in the Telegu Industry.

This was not the first time that Sampurnesh Babu made a lot of people laugh, after watching the clip, many Indonesians went on a quest to find more hilarious clips that he was part of, surely he did not let his fans down.

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