New York: Man Dragged To Death After His Clothes Get Caught In Subway Train

On Tuesday evening, a man was dragged by a subway train in New York City and died eventually.

The New York Police Department said the man who was dragged by the train was standing near the edge of the platform when his clothing got caught in the train and it started to pull him and dragged him into the tunnel.

Detective Annette Shelton said that the accident happened at the 7 train stop that is located at the Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. The police got a call that said a man was dragged by a subway train ay 7:20 PM.  The police said that the man was a 39-year-old, the police did not reveal the name, he was found full of injuries and was later announced as dead.

The local police and the railway officials are both investigating how this accident happened. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said that the station was not crowded when the accident happened, and they also said that the train was passing by when he was in the station. But it is still unclear how the man got caught in the train and got dragged.

An official revealed that the CCTV video showed the man getting dragged into the subway tunnel as it was passing by, the train operators got alerted when his body got hit in an electrical box that caused a flash.

The MTA tweeted about the incident on Tuesday and said that the services were stopped because of the accident that happened.

One witness said that the man was walking on the yellow line that indicates it’s not a place to stand as you can get hit by the train if it passes by.

In the year 2016, 48 people were hit by subway trains. A study that was conducted in 2008 showed that 668 subway-related fatalities between 1990 and 2003 that included deaths that were caused by homicide, suicide or accident.

Back on December 29, a man got hit after he tried to move between the train cars. This was the 4th person who died after they tried to move between the trains. Back in 2016, a teenager got killed after he jumped in front of a moving train in the station of Times Square.

Back in January, a mother passed away after she fell down the stairs in Manhattans, 7th Avenue, and 53rd Street Station.


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