People Are Trolling Mia Khalifa After She Got A Brand New Tattoo. CHECK PICS

Mia Khalifa is too active on social media; she always keeps her fan updated with latest pics and videos.

In fact, her fans are impatient to get something new and hot from her. From her sizzling dances to her hard to resist pics, Mia treats us with all.

One thing that we have come to know about the actress is that she loves food. We often see her uploading restaurant pics on Twitter; every time she visits a new restaurant, she never fails to review the same.

But wait, her obsession for food reached a new level as she got a new tattoo related to it. Yes, she inked “Fork and knife” on her finger and flaunted it in her new video.

At first, fans thought that it’s a normal video but then they paid attention to her new tattoo and trolled her left and right. No one liked it; check it right away…


And here’s how Twitter reacted…

Ugly tattoo!

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