This Photo Of Old Man Sitting At A Traffic Signal Has Gone Viral, Here’s Why?

A picture of an old man who is well dressed and apparently often found sitting at the Sindhi Muslim Traffic signal, Karachi, Pakistan is doing rounds on the internet.

The man seems well educated but carries a wiper in his hand, with which he cleans cars at the traffic signal. He offers to clean cars for money and walks off if refused, he doesn’t beg or force anyone like other people.

Well dressed man cleans cars at traffic signal in Pakistan

This man was photographed by a Facebook user called ‘Chithranie’ and was posted on a popular page called ‘Karachi Walay’. According to the user, he saw the old man at the traffic signal every day carrying a wiper to clean cars. While he offers to clean cars and quietly walks away if refused, but he never seems to beg or insist.

One day, the Facebook user stopped him and asked him the reason for him doing this every day. The old man said that his oldest son passed away a few months ago and now he alone has to take care of his six daughters.

His current day job was not enough to do that so he has begun cleaning windshields at traffic signals in the evenings to cover the expenses. While the writer is not sure if his story is genuine or not, the post has gone viral. In his Facebook post, he wrote,

“I’ve been seeing this man at the Sindhi Muslim traffic signal for the past few months around 8 pm. He’s old, well dressed in a button-down shirt and dress pants but carries a wiper to clean the cars. He doesn’t beg he offers to clean the cars and if we say no he simply walks away doesn’t ask for money or insist on cleaning the windshield. Today I stopped him and asked him why he does this. He told me that 8 months back his oldest son passed away, and now he has 6 daughters and a younger son to feed and his current job cannot cover their entire expenses. I have a feeling he’s sincere but I’m not sure. If anyone can confirm his story, maybe we can help him and his family gets back on their feet in some ways.

By: chithranie”

He seems to have given up on life but cannot do anything, since he has to take care of his daughters. His pain is hard to understand but he does not ask for pity. He is only trying to make ends meet.

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