Police Man Caught Harassing A Woman in Broad Daylight

When it comes to women safety, not a single politician or police department will hesitate to say that they take it very seriously. But the results are same as always, and many women are unsafe even now.



But what happens when someone who is there to protect women, becomes someone from whom women need to be aware of.

Something shameful happened, and it was caught in camera. A policeman was trying to feel up a woman who was sitting beside him. As per the Facebook post, the shameful incident took place at Kalyan Junction railway station where the cop was recorded touching the woman’s back in broad daylight in front of many people.

Few people observed him, as he tried to touch back of this woman behaving ignorantly. After which they recorded the cop, while he still touching again of the woman.

Kundan Srivastava shared the Facebook video.

“Shameful! A Policeman is trying to molest a woman at Railway Station.

The incident took place at the Kalyan Junction railway station, Mumbai yesterday on June 19; 2018.”



Surprisingly, the women didn’t react to it. When it had gone too far, and people confronted the officer, she stepped aside as she had nothing to do with whatever is going on. She ignored everything that people were asking why she isn’t reaching. People then threatened the cop to make an FIR against him.

When the protectors themselves become the devils, what can we say about common men? Disgusting! Strict action needs to be taken against the policeman so that it becomes a lesson for others and no one dares to repeat such acts. What do you say?



According to reports, he is a constable of the Railway Police Force, and his name is Rajesh Jahangir.

When the guy filming confronted him. He threatens to arrest the guy. Which is direct miss use of power. Misuse of power, harassing a woman in public is undoubtedly something which a police officer should not have.

It really is a very shameful incident, while we are happy that people are more aware of things like this. But it saddens us to see a police officer doing such things.

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