Poonam Panday Gets Trolled on Social Media Over Her Comment on Plastic Band

If you are among those, who are very active on Social Media. She is someone who you can not ignore and is famous for her take on social issues. Model-actress, Poonam Pandey is someone who has always made headlines with her take on essential aspects of the society. On June 23, Maharashtra authorities issued a notification banning the use of plastic across the state. While authorities banned plastic, Poonam Pandey expressed concerns for all the people who went under the knife or had plastic surgery done.



As soon as she posts a tweet on warning those people who went for plastic surgery, a guy on shared a picture of Anushka and Ayesha Takia. The user had shown before and after images of Anushka and Ayesha.

According to reports, in a notification, Mumbai police had banned the use, manufacture of plastic in the state.

What resulted by her post is nothing but hilarious, while one user termed her post a joke, the other questioned the amount of plastic in her “jugs”. Later, a user warned Poonam Pandey herself from going out in the open during the plastic ban.

In her tweet, she wrote,

“Plastic banned ho gya hai…. जिसने जिसने प्लास्टिक सर्जरी की है, वे रास्तेपर ना घुमे। ?”



Look what people replied,

“दूसरों का छोड तु रास्तेपर मत गुम नही तो तोरा सब कुछ निकाल लेगे..?”

“Luckily silicone is not plastic. Else you had to go on road fully covered?”

“Matlab tere sare di**o bhi jabt honge ab. Now u can use only fingers”

“Tumhare santro mein jo plastic hai…….. uska kya….?? ?”

“Acha hua silicone ban nahi hua warna bollywood main jaada se jaada heroins logo ka 36 se 30 ka size hojata.?”

Well, she surely didn’t expect this as a result of her post. Seems like this time it backfired mostly on her. What do you think about her post?

And it’s a good thing that plastic is getting banned in many places, and it will help to control pollution not by much. Yes, but surely will help.







And do you think this post misfired back at her, or she did this knowing this would happen?

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