[WATCH VIDEO] Oops! Pre-Wedding Shoot By The Beach Goes HORRIBLY Wrong, Video Gone Viral

Marriages are no more the hearty union of people. Lousy decorations, pre-wedding shoots, post-wedding shoots and the poor stunts to garner likes and comments on Facebook overshadowed the real idea behind marriages. Trends have spoiled it in recent days, as the popularity of DSLRs grew with age, people are now more leaned towards getting candid photographs.

wedding shoot gone wrong

Instead of getting married in an ordinary way, people are now imitating Filmy essence and working hard to reflect that style in their wedding videos which are quite commonly impossible and will look more eccentric.

This news is somewhat of a similar kind but just happened in another country. This couple, who were shooting at a beach were trying hard to bring out the best possible pictures, but how it ended up will leave you shocked. Watch the video here:

In a bid to capture a beautiful romantic moment against the golden rays with foamy water on the beach, the photographer decided to make them stand on a rock which was quite close to the water, and before they knew it, the bride was swept off her feet into the ocean by a strong wave! The painful sight was shared online and people couldn’t stop laughing.

With the advent of handy technology, people are now preferring pre-wedding shoots more than anything. Share your opinions on the same, in the comments section below.

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