Watch How This Pakistani Bride-Groom Beat The Flooded-Roads Like A Boss To Reach His Wedding Venue

What can stop nature? well, nothing except man’s will. This bride-groom from Pakistan proved it all together. Imagine it is your wedding day and your roads are filled with water, they’re all immersed in floods restricting your journey. What could you do possibly? People, in general, will wait and reschedule the ceremony.

But, this bridegroom didn’t take the rains to play the spoilsport, he defeated the rains by gearing up and stepping into knee-deep waters and straight pushing the car ashore.

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According to the sources, the groom is from Gujranwala, in the Punjab district of Pakistan. Soon after the car broke down, he is seen getting out of his car, dressed in his turban and wedding clothes and goes on to push his car decorated with flowers. While he often seems to be on the cusp of giving up, he doesn’t and throughout the video, continues to push the car towards the venue.

Watch the video here:

The video has already gone viral garnering over 4,50,000+ views and thousands of likes.

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