Rahul Sharma lost 20 kg in A Very Shocking Transformation for His Debut Film X-Ray

Not all actors have the hard work and dedication to be perfect for the character. Many go through massive body transformation to portray a role beyond just acting skills, but as well as physical appearance. One such actor is Rahul Sharma. From Muzzarpur, Bihar, Rahul faced a lot of stereotype and backlashes due to his looks.



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People judged him without looking at his skill, but for the fact that he was a bit overweight and dark. Yup, you heard it, his complexion was more important than his talent.

Talking about this he says,
“I went for auditions where people were more interested in my looks than my talent. But this movie is my answer to all those people,” says Sharma. “I did work hard to make this far. I refined my acting skills, even more, got some back camera training as well and all this while losing 20 Kilos! The journey was tough, I went through severe diets and workout to get this body, and I am glad it worked for me,” exclaims Rahul who is tremendously inspired by actors like Varun Dhawan and Tiger Shroff! “I think they showcase great discipline and that’s what I admire about both Varun and Tiger. They inspire me to work hard on myself, and hence I want to be like them,” says Rahul.



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Rahul has taken formal training from Vidur Chaturvedi’s acting academy. He worked in some music videos and had done many fashion shows. And now he has finally landed his first debut film.

Talking about the film he said,
“The experience of working on my first film was exhilarating! I have worked very hard on the film, and it’s literally a lot of hard work blood sweat and tears! I had to get my body in shape diet with exercise, proper sleep. All in all, my experience was fantastic, and the highs and lows have truly made the film something to watch out for.”




We love the fact that Rahul has now finally got his break. But what saddens us, is the fact complexity is still essential more than one’s talent in the industry. Well, for now, we hope for the best for Rahul.

Rahul Sharma lost 20 kg in A Very Shocking Transformation for His Debut Film X-Ray

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