[WATCH VIDEO] Runaway Bull Attacks A Pregnant Woman In The City’s Supermarket

An unfortunate incident took place in China’s supermarket. A runaway bull has absurdly charged over the pregnant woman in the store, hit her brutally, dragged her with the horns and left her injured.

bull attacks pregnant woman

The whole scene was recorded in the CCTV footage. It took place in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, in China. The video shows the expectant mum being clattered into a shelf full of products before falling to the ground. The runaway bull stands at the end of the aisle as the clip ends, with images showing the poor victim later being lifted out of the supermarket on a stretcher, then hurried to the hospital.

Post the treatment, it is concluded that the woman’s health condition is fine, but, the effect of it on the baby inside her womb is unknown. The buffalo was eventually captured, but Yancheng City police did not say whether they put down the bull immediately after the accident.

Buffalo Bull Attacks Pregnant Woman In Shop Rampage

The interrogation on the background work is going on. Police are trying to identify the owners of the bull. It is believed that the owners of the animal will compensate the woman for her injuries.

Watch the video here:

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