Rare Albino Elephant Spotted in South African Wildlife Park

58-year-old Nicki Coertze saw and captured photos of an extremely rare baby albino elephant when she visited the Kruger National Park that is located in South Africa.

The photo shows what it seems to look like a baby albino elephant, something that we don’t get to see very often. In the photo above you can see the baby elephant having pink skin and stood out from the rest of the elephants.

58-year-old Nicki Coertze saw the albino elephant first when it was playing near the water together with its family and mother.

But the bad thing about this is that albino animals can be seen easily seen and can become an easy target for the roaming predators in the areas as they struggle to blend in the forest.

Kruger Park specialist Dr. Ian Whyte who is a specialist in large herbivores said that albino elephants are common but the thing is that they don’t really survive for long.

”It is unclear whether the calf is a true albino or ‘white’ elephant, but may be what is known as a leucistic animal. A true albino has no protective skin pigment, melanin, and has unpigmented pink eyes and white skin with no markings. A leucistic animal is white, but has dark eyes, and can have some pigmentation, producing ‘ghost’ markings.” –Coertze/ Caters News


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