Read What Sania said When People Tell Her That They Hope She Delivers A Baby Boy

We all know Sania is pregnant, but opposite of many women she wishes for a baby girl. Apparently, whenever anyone asks her about her pregnancy, they say they hope that she delivers a baby boy. What surprised us is the fact she herself is such a successful tennis player and a woman. And even being right in front of people eyes, they still discriminate between girl and boy.



In the event that she attended, that was organized for the development of women and girl child where she revealed that she has a sister but not a brother and when people used to come to their house, they used to feel pity for her for not having a brother but she is entirely okay with this because she never felt the need of a brother.



“I come from a family of two girls and till today even after everything that I have achieved or try to achieve when people meet me, they ask, “Do you not have any brother?” and when I answer “No”, they say “oh” (arey). And I am like, that’s fine, it’s absolutely okay because we never felt that need.”

She, later on, talked about how people wish for her to give birth to a baby boy, not a baby girl. She said,

“Now I’m pregnant and every time I meet someone, the first thing that people say is they would pray that I am blessed with a baby boy but I request them not to do this and if they want to pray for me, pray for a girl child instead, why are you praying for a boy child? That is the sort of mindset that we grow up with consciously or subconsciously.”




She is right, the mindset of people needs to change. Only then honestly the discrimination between the girl and boy child will end. While we don’t know whether she will give birth to a boy or girl. But we hope in, either way, he/she would grow up and become another champion just like her mother. We pray for her good health and happiness in her future.

Read What Sania said When People Tell Her That They Hope She Delivers A Baby Boy

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